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Living a Healthy Life!

The Live Healthy Reasor's 100 Day Wellness Challenge is an exciting new way to connect with co-workers to get active and become conscious of the lifestyle decisions we make on a daily basis. By using a fun, team-centric approach, Live Healthy Reasor's helps you create positive choices when it comes to physical activity, weight loss and nutrition.

Whether you want to move more, eat healthier or look better, LHREASORS will help you create a culture of wellness.  Reach your goals with Live Healthy Reasor's!

Co-workers form teams that track weight loss and/or minutes of activity.

Step 1:  Start a Team! Form a team of 2-10 people. Gather your team's email addresses and t-shirt sizes.
Step 2:  Build Your Team. Choose a Team Name and Team Captain!
Step 3:  Register!  Enter the Group ID: LHREASORS in the Start a Team box to the right.

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